Covid-19 & other info

Covid-19 Procedures during IPS Events

Please note:  The Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines are dynamic and constantly changing.  Please check here regularly. 

General information

The Irish government has lifted restrictions to allow poker events go ahead but with some limitations. Our events require a lot of planning and preparation - During the planning of our events, we work tirelessly to anticipate and meet whatever challenges we may face as we come into an unknown and unpredictable set of circumstances. Please read the information below carefully so you are fully informed as to how IPS events will will proceed. With player co-operation, we feel we are in a good position to host fantastic poker events for all who takes part.
Please note: You must bring a valid government-issued photo ID or you will not be permitted inside.

This is an evolving situation and we will update you here as soon as we have relevant information so please check this page regularly


1)  Vaccine cert & PCR tests.
2)  Masks
3)  Wavier form
4)  Capacity & Seat availability
5)  Prepay to guarantee your seat and avoid ques.
6)  Car parking
7)  When you arrive at Bonnington Hotel
8)  Playing players only inside the poker room
9)  Limited cash on premises & max-cash payout
10)  Media - TV Stream, Photography and blogging

1)  Vaccine Cert & PCR Tests

Players who wish to enter the poker room must show government issued photo ID and one of the following …
A) Vaccine cert with readable QR code OR
B) Valid recovery cert no later than six months old with readable QR code OR
C) Negative PCR test dated no earlier than 48 hours prior to initial entrance into the poker room with readable QR code.

Once these documents are checked and accepted, the player will receive a wristband to be worn throughout the event. No player will be granted entry into the poker room on any day without the wristband.

Note: We have electronic devices connected to the online live covid cert checker. All vaccine certs, recovery certs and PCR certs will be checked for validity. IPS staff or management will be responsible for any errors resulting from your document not being recognised. If your document is not recognised, you will not be permitted inside the building and any prepaid buy-in will be returned to you. This is laid out under government legislation and – under no circumstances – will anyone gain entry to the venue if their certificate fails this electronic check. We will not have resources on-site to help with any issues relating to errors.

Getting a local PCR Test: GoSafe48 offers a same-day PCR service (results in 4-8 hours, €69 cost) and is located in Rosemount Business Park just a short drive away from the Bonnington.

2)  Masks

The wearing of masks while seated at the poker tables is not compulsory but is recommended. Under current legislation, you must wear a mask at all times if you are NOT seated at the table. The only exceptions to this will be for those who have approved medical documentation clearly stating and proving a disability that prevents the wearing of a mask. All players should bring their own masks to the event as we only have a limited number available to give out. Any person who fails to obey the rules on masks will be ejected from the venue and removed from any tournament they are playing without any refund.

3)  Wavier Form

At the venue, players must complete a wavier form which will include
A) Your agreement to abide by our rules B) Your agreement to cooperate with any media personel including having your name and/or image posted on our social media platforms.
C) Your contact information for Covid-19 tracing.

4)  Prepay to guarantee your seat

We encourage player to prepay for their entry - This guarantees your seat upon arrival and no need to join the que or waiting lists.Note:  We use LuxonPay as our primary online payment method.  More info on our eShop page here

5) Capacity & Seat availability 

Seating capacity varies from one event to another. If we reach capacity players will be asked to wait in the hotel reception until a seat becomes available.

6)  Car Park

The car park in Bonnington hotel is significantly smaller now than it used to be.  There is very limited parking available at the hotel venue and it is usually full. There is a free public car park at Whitehall crossroads just 8 minutes walk away.

7)  When you arrive at the venue

Vaccine Check – You must have valid government issued photo ID to enter the poker room. The only entrance that players will be permitted to use to enter the hotel is Main Reception. You will be greeted by our Vaccine cert check team who will scan the QR code on your vaccine cert, valid recovery cert or negative PCR cert and verify your photo ID. Once your cert has been confirmed as valid you will be given a wristband which proves to all our staff that your vaccine cert has been validated. You must wear this wristband at all times and will be asked to display it each time you walk through the entrance into the poker room.

Temperature Check – After you have your wristband, you will meet our temperature check team who will use a handheld infrared thermometer to read your body temperature from a distance of approximately 15cm. The normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celcius. If a person’s temperature is within normal range, they will be given a second wristband to wear for that day. You must wear this wristband throughout the day to show our staff your temperature has been checked and is in the normal range. A person’s temperature is considered high with a potential fever at around 38 degrees or above. If any person presents a high temperature, our team will work with you to see if it’s just due to exercise, a high room temperature, etc. We will investigate and retest to see if the temperature drops down to normal or not. We cannot permit anyone inside the poker venue who is presenting an unexplained high temperature. The person will be offered a free, on-site antigen test in private. If the test is positive, then that person will not be permitted into the poker venue. If the antigen test is negative, we will work with you to investigate why there is a high temperature and see if it comes back to normal.

Management reserve the right to make the final decision on whether or not a person will be permitted inside the poker venue.

Please note that all staff will also be undergoing the exact same testing procedures as players. Measures have also been taken to reduce staff contact.

8)  Playing Players only inside the poker room

There will be no spectators or non-playing people allowed inside the poker room other than staff. This is in line with government guidance to minimise the number of people and potential risk at an indoor event.

9) Limited cash on site & max-cash payout 

There is a very limited amount of cash held on-site. This escalates the need for a large percentage of tournament payouts to be paid by bank transfer. Tournament prize winners will be offered a maximum cash payout accompanied by the remaining balance being paid by bank transfer. All transfers will be made within five days after the completion of event.

10) TV stream, photography and blogging 

There can be a wide range of media staff ranging from live/recorded TV stream, photography and blogging on social media platforms. Your image, name, nationality and chip count may be recorded and posted on various social media platforms. Official tournament results will be published on the HendonMob, IPS website and social media platforms.

We thank you for your co-operation in helping to make the poker room a safe place to play the game we all love.