Larry Szanto and Nick O'Hara bring you Irish Poker Series


Two of the biggest names in the Irish Poker Industry have come together to present a series of poker events which
will be run across Ireland throughout the year. Larry's ongoing relationship with the Irish poker community and his experience in live Irish Poker events is a massive asset which is always sure to gather a crowd at any event he's involved in.  Larry's knowledge and experience in the cashgame area ensures a smooth comfortable experience for all players.

Nick brings his extensive experience as Senior Floor & TD  on some of the biggest and most prestigous poker events in the world such as EPT's, Golliath, IPO,
PCA  and many more.

Our aim is to provide live poker evnts accross Ireland run to the highest possible standard.  We'll incorpoate a leaderboard ranking system with an aim to crown the Irish Poker series
Champion ath the end of the poker year - This will be folloed up with the Irish Poker Series awards night where we'll celebrate the Irish poker community - it'stallent, charecters,
accomplishments and industry people.

Why Now - 

As an industry, Irish Poker has deep roots!  Ireland, not only host one of the longest running tournaments in the world but, we have also
produced some of the world’s finest & most skilful players.  Players who, traditionally emerged from the local, grass roots, live tournament scene.

 Our Irish Poker Series ensures players of all levels can once again experience all the thrills and excitement of a live event in their own back yard, while
also having the opportunity to score points on our leaderboard, and potentially be crowned Irish Poker Series Champion!
It's time to celebrate Irish Poker!

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